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Aegis Gaming Microphone (GM310)

  • $ 9900

● Filters out speaker sounds

● Enjoy in-game music at full volume

● No more push-to-talks

● Keeps your line of sight clear

● Direct volume control


Speaker Sound Suppression

Our exclusive technology neutralizes in-game audio coming out from your speakers. Your teammates won’t even notice you have your speakers turned on!


High-Sensitivity Reception

The built-in high sensitivity microphone has a reception range of up to 24 in. You won’t have to stick your face to the receiver any more.


Handy Volume Control

With the intuitive volume control, you can increase/decrease or mute your volume with minimal efforts. You won’t have to shift your attention away from your plays.


Unobtrusive Design

The shield-like design, combined with its reception power, allows Aegis to stay inconspicuous underneath your monitor, thereby giving you a clear line of sight.


USB Interface

Aegis is connected to your computer through its Micro-USB port, which transmits data with less noise compared to conventional connections over 3.5 mm ports.


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