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Live Streamer 311 (BO311)

  • $ 24999

At AVerMedia we understand what it means to be a steamer and content creator, we know how hard it might be for beginners to start their streamer dream, all those drivers and different software and plugins, things can get confusing. Thus, we have put together a bundle for all those aspiring streamers and content creators; a bundle that is easy to use and set up without sacrificing great quality.

Live Gamer MINI – GC311

The Live Gamer MINI, its AVerMedia concept of how a streamers first capture card should be like. Bringing simplicity to the table, it comes with HDMI in/out, a USB Micro for computer connectivity all user must do is plug it in and it works*, no need to install any drivers. It sets itself apart from AVerMedia Top of the line 4K HDR capture devices and allows anyone who wants to get started on live streaming be able to do it with as much ease as possible.

USB Microphone – AM310

This USB Microphone has no need for amplifiers to bring live streams high quality audio. The AM310 is a unidirectional microphone, this means it picks up audio from the front rather than from all directions. It delivers a richer and fuller audio experience and takes all live streaming to a studio pro level.

Live Streamer CAM 313 - PW313

Everyone wants to look their best, specially during their own live sessions. We have designed the Live Steamer to capture Full High Definition 1080p, this way streamers and content creators will always show their best side to their audience!. With its integrated, sliding privacy shutter streamers will make sure not one else peeks unless they wants them to.


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