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Ballista Unity Speakers (GS310)

  • $ 6900

Premium Sound Configuration for Gaming

In the midst of your gaming world lies an incredible auditory journey. GS310 40W Unity speakers are the guide through this adventure. The specially developed twin 2.75" midrange and 27W 5.5" full range subwoofer drivers deliver true analog sonic depth and detail. This is the sound of every moment, explosion, gunshot, punch come to life.

Personalized Audio Environment

Every great game is designed with its own unique audio environment. What you need is the flexibility to bring big balanced sound for an immersive gaming experience.

Adjustable Sounds

Precise control is the key to every victory. Unity delivers a centralized control console to give you the flexibility to setup your audio environment wherever you need it.

Wall-Mountable Satellites

This is the strength of design behind the Unity speakers. Shelf-mounted or wall-mounted, the solid base and built-in keyhole accommodates flexible setup options.


Multiple Inputs Support

Your A/V gear isn’t left out; the console includes RCA and 3.5 mm auxiliary jacks so you can shape your audio environment even further

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