CromeCap 100 (CLC100)
CromeCap 100 (CLC100)
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CromeCap 100 (CLC100)

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Introduce CromeCap 100 into speeches, meetings or corporate training and transform any content afterward into videos-on-demand. Without complicated PC software installation, CromeCap 100 provides users with an efficient way to record content. 


A friendly set-up process and its portability enable users to quickly start recording for any situation. With one click of the button, users can easily start and stop the recording. Moreover, this recording box can record HD content of up to 1080p from a wide range of media sources. To streamline the recording process and better capture voice content, a built-in microphone is included in the CromeCap 100.


Simplify documentation and make it sharable
CromeCap 100 enables users to record audio and video simultaneously, making it an invaluable device for backing up files. The recorded content can be used to promote events or to expand exposure to greater numbers, such as worldwide audiences. In addition, it also can be used as reference for post-meeting recaps with colleagues.
Avoid Misunderstandings
With CromeCap 100 on hand, safeguard your meeting content and decisions with your recording files. Should confusion or misunderstandings arise after the event, users can consult their saved content to review the points under contention. For clarity and security, use CromeCap 100 as your primary recording tool.


What can ComeCap 100 do for you?

Plug, Press, and Record
A 3-step set-up process enables users to quickly connect this capture box with devices. With no need to launch and operate any application software, CromeCap100 provides users with an efficient and friendly way to record content.

Sharp reduction of background noise
CromeCap 100 records only the speaker’s voice and automatically cleans out extraneous background noise. Even when placed in close proximity to noise-inducing objects like projectors, it enables clear and stable voice recording.

Record without using an external microphone
Enjoy prime recording quality with CromeCap 100. With its ability to take in voices from a range of distances without the aid of an external microphones, CromeCap 100 is a recommended tool for recording.